Welcome to Beltone Modesto

Welcome to Beltone Modesto, California

Welcome to Beltone Modesto, California Hearing Aid Centers website! Here you can learn more about our products and services, information about hearing healthcare, and where our offices are located. We designed the website to help you make the right decisions for your hearing healthcare.


We have exceptional products and services and a dedicated staff. We are proud to have been serving the community for more than 70 years. Our job is to help the world hear better. Isn’t it time you let Beltone help you?


Beltone in Oakhurst is Primo
by Judy A.

Hi I’m Judy Alexander. And I’m here to tell you that Beltone in Oakhurst is Primo. It’s a wonderful place. About four years ago I went to Dunbars or something like that, anyway I went to them and it was not as nearly as nice as this, and I can hear so much better. I tell you what it’s wonderful just wonderful.

I Absolutely Love It
by Jerry W.

I have had hearing loss for a number of years, and has been getting progressively worse each year. Now with new hearing aids I am absolutely thrilled. My wife is thrilled, my family thrilled because I can actually hear again. I absolutely love it. So I recommend Beltone to anyone who has hearing loss.

I’m glad I have them
by ****

I have been wearing Beltone Hearing Aids for a little over a year and they have helped me tremendously. My daughter won’t even talk to me in the morning unless I have my hearing aid in, because she says its no use I can’t hear her. It just works really well, I’m glad I have them.


Beltone of Central California
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