Direct Line 2™ – TV Link2™, myPal 2™, Phone Link 2™ Remote 2™

Beltone’s Direct Line accessories allow you to wirelessly stream sound from your cell phone, TV, computer, and even another person’s voice right into your hearing aids!

You can talk safely, hands-free using the Phone Link 2. Phone conversations stream right from your cell phone into your hearing aid(s).

Beltone Direct Remote Control 2


  • Mute button allows you to hear only the audio you desire when surrounding noise becomes too loud
  • Adjustable microphone and audio streaming balance helps to keep all the sounds you hear at comfortable volume levels
  • Color display with easy-to-read icons that indicate which program is in use, your current volume level and how much battery life is left in the remote control
  • Rechargeable battery

Beltone Direct TV Link 2


  • The Beltone TV Link 2 is able to connect to almost any TV, including the newest models.
  • Dolby® Digital conversion helps ensure compatibility of the Beltone TV Link with any type of audio signal from the TV.
  • The delay adjustment function helps synchronize audio and video for the best TV viewing experience.

Beltone Direct Personal Audio Link (myPAL)


  • Easy to us volume control and on/off switch
  • Built-in microphone captures audio from a desired source up to 23 feet away, and streams it directly to your hearing aids
  • Mini-jack allows connection to radio and MP3 players
  • Rechargeable battery

Beltone Direct Phone Link 2


  • Offers strong, feedback-free speech
  • Mute and Program buttons offer a convenient way to control basic hearing aid functions
  • Dual microphones and a noise-reduction feature help make speech easier to understand even in noisy situations
  • Ability to pair with two separate phones


SmartRemote App:


  • Discreetly adjust hearing aid volume in one or both ears using your phone
  • Easily change listening programs to suit your current environment
  • Reduce the sounds around you when you’re using the phone
  • Beltone’s SmartRemote is fast and effective because of its award-winning 2.4 GHz wireless technology. 2.4 GHz streaming is the industry standard for all Bluetooth® technology.


Beltone SmartRemote™ App available on the Google App Store and on iTunes