Let Beltone Help You Find Your Hearing Solution

Have you seen the advertisements for hearing aids available for purchase online or through a catalog? Many of the companies that sell these devices offer big discounts or buy one, get one free deals. Some companies even offer free shipping and 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantees. Do these deals sound good to be true? Well, if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is! Don’t be fooled by these companies’ flashy offers; at Beltone we offer you a full range of product support and services. Here are five important reasons to avoid mail-order hearing devices, and visit Beltone instead!


  • Mail-order hearing devices are not “hearing aids” at all


When you are looking for hearing aids, it is important to understand that the devices sold over the internet or through catalogs are not legally called hearing aids at all. The quality of these devices is so unpredictable- and in some cases so poor- that they are only able to be termed “personal amplifiers.” These personal amplifier devices are not meant for all day, every day use, and they are no substitute for a properly fitted hearing aid device. 


  • Personal Amplifiers may damage our ears


Our ears are extremely sensitive, it is critical that we use the utmost care when placing anything within them. If you put a device in your ears that is too loud or too soft- as personal amplifiers often are- it can cause permanent damage to your ears. We want to improve our hearing, not cause further damage! It is imperative to have a hearing care professional identify the device that is right for your particular hearing needs.


  • Hearing devices need to be properly maintained


Due to the environment that hearing aids are in- exposed to perspiration, dirt, hair spray, makeup, dead skin, and ear wax- microphones and speakers become clogged frequently. The components of these devices are too small to be cleaned without professional tools, and mail-order devices do not come with long-term care services. At Beltone, we provide our customers with a full spectrum of hearing device care, maintenance, and warranty services. Cleaning and many common repairs can be done right in our office. You won’t get support like this from a website or catalog. 


  • Protect your personal information


Some companies that sell personal amplifiers online and in catalogs also sell their customer’s personal information to third parties. Unlike hearing care centers like Beltone, these companies are not legally bound to comply with HIPAA privacy laws. As a result, they may sell your personal information for their own profit. At Beltone, we comply with all HIPAA privacy laws, and we will never sell your personal information. 


  • Beltone’s hearing care professionals can help you find the right solution


If you are looking to purchase a hearing aid for yourself or for a loved one, you don’t need to go at it alone. There is no reason for you to research, identify, and compare hearing devices all on your own trying to determine which is best for your particular needs. Let the caring folks at Beltone help! Beltone offers comprehensive hearing evaluations and personalized hearing health assessments; our hearing care professionals will work closely with you to determine the hearing aid that is best for you. At Beltone, it is our primary mission to help each of our customers find the hearing solution that is best for their lifestyle, their budget, and their unique hearing needs. 

Still think a mail-order “personal amplifier” is a good choice? If you are serious about finding a real solution to your hearing loss, come visit your local Beltone Central California office today! Our friendly staff is ready to assist you in whatever way you need. Come by for a complimentary hearing test, a video ear scan, or one of our in-store product demonstrations. At Beltone, we are here to help you hear better. Come experience the Beltone difference today!