Choosing the right hearing aid is an individual choice, and there are many factors that come into play when making your choice. Hearing aids today offer a wide range of features, and you may want to consider aspects such as size and battery life as well. One feature that many people don’t often initially think about is the digital connectivity. These days, hearing aids have a range of digital capabilities, and some are “smart” enough to connect with our smartphones! Have you considered a hearing aid that can be controlled by your phone? Making adjustments with the ease of using an app? Read on to learn more about Beltone’s range of hearing aid styles that offer you the best in digital technology.

Beltone has been a leader in hearing aid technology for 80 years, consistently leading the industry in developing and adopting new technologies. Beltone’s hearing aids have comfort and ease engineered into every style, while offering leading micro-processor technology, making our digital hearing aids feature-rich, but still very small. We have embraced the latest in Bluetooth technology and incorporated capabilities for it into many of our devices. Trusted models including the Beltone Boost Max and Beltone Imagine offer wearers digital connectivity via Bluetooth to their smartphone. With these models, users have the ability to easily adjust hearing aids using the Beltone HearMax app. With this user-friendly, easy to download app, you can adjust the program and volume on your hearing aids, check the battery status, and even change speech focus. The HearMax app also features “Find My Hearing Aid” technology, so you can easily find misplaced or lost hearing aids.

One of our most popular models, the Beltone Amaze, recently received an award for its breakthrough technology. The Business Intelligence Group gave the 2020 BIG Innovation Award to the Beltone Amaze, recognizing it’s innovative features. The Beltone Amaze offers wireless accessories including Bluetooth capability and the Made For iPhone connection, allowing the user to connect the hearing device to any iOS or Android device. With the Beltone Amaze, you can stream music, movies, GPS directions, phone calls and more directly to the hearing instrument, without losing any sound quality. Now you can hear those driving directions, that important phone call, or that favorite song with so much more clarity and ease!

Like our other popular models, the Amaze’s simple and straightforward connectivity allows it to connect with the Beltone HearMax app. With the app, the user can easily and discreetly control their hearing aids remotely. This easy to use app enables users to send a request and receive new settings right to their smartphone, so you can stay in close communication with your hearing care professionals, even without coming into the office for a visit. With this level of connectivity, your hearing care professional is always just a click or a call away. When you choose a hearing aid from Beltone, you receive our support and care as well!

With our variety of hearing aid solutions that work with the latest digital technology, you can be sure to find one that works best for your life and your needs. The first step to finding the right hearing care solution is to visit with a hearing professional. At our Beltone hearing care centers of the Central Valley, you will find our staff is professional, respectful, and kind. We will work with you to determine your individual needs, and help you identify the hearing solution that works best for your lifestyle, as well as your budget. With Beltone, you can have a feature-rich hearing aid that offers the latest in digital technology and connectivity. If you’re interested in learning more, contact us or come into one of your local hearing care centers. At Beltone Central California, we are here for you!