Regain your hearing health with Beltone Central California

Are you considering purchasing a hearing aid for yourself or for a loved one? Are you concerned about the cost of hearing aids, and worrying about whether you will be able to afford one? Cost is an important factor in the decision process for many people considering a hearing aid purchase. In this blog we will break down the expense, and discuss financing options, so you can make the best decision for you or your loved one.

Hearing aids are an important purchase, and there is much to consider before you make your decision. Think of your hearing aid purchase as an investment – if you invest wisely, the hearing aid can last quite a long time. Even still, the upfront cost can feel overwhelming. That’s why Beltone Central California believes it is so important that hearing aid providers are open and transparent about costs. Our goal at Beltone is to help you find the right hearing aid for you or your loved one, at a price you can afford. 

Since hearing aids may seem expensive, it is important to examine the cost. Much of the expense associated with hearing aids comes from the cost of continual research and development, as manufacturers develop state-of-the-art technology to allow customers to regain their hearing to the greatest degree possible. Hearing aid technology has come a long way in recent years, and advancements in technology have led to hearing aids that are more effective and convenient than ever before. Noise amplification is only the beginning; hearing aid technology now offers digital noise reduction, directional amplification, and speech isolation. Other advancements in technology include directional microphones, tinnitus therapy controls, bluetooth streaming, wireless control via smartphone apps, and rechargeability. These technological advancements are exciting, and customers truly benefit from the industry’s continual research and development. 

In addition to the expense of technological research and development, hearing aid costs often include aftercare services. By including the costs of these services in the original cost of the hearing aid, customers benefit by keeping hearing aids working their best through the years. Many hearing aid providers make a lifetime commitment to their customer’s hearing health journey, and offer aftercare services including:

  • Testing – testing of all hearing aid components for proper functioning
  • Cleanings – thorough cleaning of each hearing aid
  • Fittings – fitting checks and adjustments
  • Inspections – ear inspections to check for earwax buildup
  • Repairs – minor repairs of hearing aid components
  • Annual Exam – free hearing evaluation every year

At Beltone, we are committed to lifetime care and aftercare services for our clients. Beltone Central California offers our customers the BelCare Promise Comprehensive Service Plan. Here is just some of what is included:

  • Free cleanings and adjustments for the life of the hearing aid
  • Free hearing aid evaluations for the life of the hearing aid
  • Free annual audiometric screenings
  • Free batteries provided for 2 years with Premium Hearing System purchases

When you take into account the above factors, you may find that the daily cost of hearing aids is pretty reasonable. Based on a 3- to 5- year lifespan, the cost of two hearing aids comes to $1 – $7 per day. For a few dollars a day, you will regain the ability to hear your grandkids’ stories, your partner’s jokes and your favorite melodies. You can once again experience life to the fullest! At Beltone Central California, we do not want you to push your hearing loss problem to the side just because you think you cannot afford hearing healthcare. At Beltone, we offer arranged payment plans to fit any budget, and also have several ownership programs available, including:

  • 6 Month and 12 Month “Same as Cash” No Interest
  • 6, 12, 48 and 60 Month Payment Plans
  • Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex), cash, and checks accepted

At Beltone Central California, we accept major insurance plans. Beltone Central California also offers discounts to members and employees of managed care organizations, health insurers, employers, affinity programs, unions, and membership groups. Our staff is here to help you determine your benefits and coverage, and we will work directly with third-party providers to complete any necessary forms and arrange for payment. To learn more about these options, contact your nearest Beltone Central California location.

If you are considering a hearing aid purchase for you or for a loved one, consider the benefits as well as the costs. While there is an initial investment, it is well worth the improvement in your, or your loved one’s, quality of life. At Beltone Central California, our professional, caring, and trustworthy hearing health specialists will help you choose the hearing aid that is best for both your lifestyle, and your budget. Our staff will work with you to understand your specific needs, so that you can rest assured you are making a quality investment in the journey towards better hearing health. Ready for your free personalized hearing health assessment? Contact us today!