5 signs that you might be suffering from hearing loss

1.     You regularly ask people to repeat what they just said

a.     It is likely this is not only a problem for you but also an annoyance to your loved ones or others trying to communicate with you.  If you find yourself saying “What?” frequently when people speak to you, you might very well be experiencing hearing loss.

2.     You play the TV or radio louder than necessary

a.     This one is easy to diagnose because others will let you know—either they will turn the volume down themselves or ask you to do so.  If this sounds familiar, you should probably get your hearing checked!

3.     You can tell people are speaking but you can’t tell what they are saying

a.     You can tell when someone is talking to you—you can see their mouth move, but you can’t hear their words.  This is a strong indicator that you are experiencing hearing loss.

4.     You can no longer hear chirping birds, blowing wind, or barking dogs

a.     You know all those little sounds you used to take for granted?  Chirping birds, the sound of rain on your roof, the steady murmur of traffic…if these sounds are but a distant memory for you, it is probably time to get your hearing checked.

5.     You miss phone calls or don’t hear the doorbell ring

a.     While you can set a cell phone to vibrate in order to deal with difficulty hearing the ringer, there is no “vibrate” setting for doorbells.  You could be missing one-on-one visits and conversations if you can’t hear your doorbell or phone ring.  This can lead to isolation, so avoid this and get your hearing tested!