micro invisaThe technology behind hearing aids is advancing all the time, and nowhere is this progress more evident than in the emergence of virtually invisible hearing aids. These tiny, customized hearing aids are an ideal choice for individuals with hearing loss looking for dramatic results in an inconspicuous package. Even the units that are slightly larger have features that make them nearly invisible, such as clear tubing and a variety of color choices that can be matched to the user’s hair or skin tone. Invisible hearing aid styles are a popular – and effective – trend in today’s hearing aid market.

Small But Powerful Technology, Custom Fit For You

The first step in selecting the right hearing aid style is a thorough audiological assessment from a specialist who will evaluate what type and degree of hearing loss you are experiencing and determine which hearing aid features will offer you the most improvement. The representative will also consider your lifestyle demands and your preference in hearing aid styles, since many people prefer the smallest unit possible to accommodate an active schedule or professional responsibilities that would dictate a more discreet hearing aid. In some cases, the smallest hearing aid styles are not the right choice for a patient because the larger units offer the features that person needs. But not to worry, even the most powerful and high tech hearing aids are very near invisible.

Opening Up Your World with Invisible Hearing Aids

Most modern hearing aids are as small and discreet as possible, but two of Beltone’s styles are virtually invisible. The micro-Invisa in an Invisible-in-the-Canal (IIC) style that is about the size of a raspberry, and its careful hand tailoring that (custom sculpted based on an impression of the patient’s ear canal) allows it to sit lower in the ear canal for a comfortable, invisible fit. Our Completely-in-Canal (CIC) hearing aid is another tiny product, and it is also custom-crafted to fit snugly into the ear canal. Both the IIC or CIC styles offer superior hearing assistance, and no one will ever know you are wearing them. Make an appointment with a Beltone specialist today to learn which style of hearing aid is optimal for your needs.