Our clients give us GREAT reviews! 

If you are considering purchasing a hearing aid, you are looking for more than just an instrument that improves your hearing; you need a partner in your hearing health. At Beltone, our caring staff of hearing care professionals are on your team. Beltone offers you comprehensive support and compassionate care from professionals who truly care about your hearing health journey. With six offices to serve Central California, and a long history of dedication and service, Beltone is a great choice for your hearing care provider. But why believe us? Client reviews can give you great insight, and can make your choice easier. We are proud to have so many of our customers leave us positive reviews. Here’s what some of our customers had to say about their Beltone experience. 


★★★★★ Natasha S.

I love my hearing aids! This office has been wonderful, I love the time when I am there! Dennis has done an Amazing job selecting his staff too! I recommend Beltone Fresno to anyone with hearing needs! 


★★★★★  Kevin G.

People at Beltone are very Nice and will do anything to help! I am very thankful for my hearing aids and I recommend Beltone to all of my friends!


★★★★★ Ethel M.

I’ve been a Beltone customer since 2003. From my wonderful hearing aids and back with a great warranty. Whenever I have a question customer service takes care of needs right away. Dennis and the staff are well trained and very attentive to their customers needs.


★★★★★ Jessica A.

My husband Howard and I have had our hearing aids for four years now. I used to not be able to hear the words on the TV and in movies. When I need help with adjusting I just ask! Thank you guys!


★★★★★ Nick Waligorski

I am in my late 20s and I can not believe that I waited this long to get hearing aids… I have the latest model of the Beltone hearing aids, which gives me the ability to control EVERYTHING from my phone on the Beltone app! I can pick a “Restaurant Mode” or “Outdoor Mode,” “Music Mode,” and of course “Personal Mode” where you can fully customize your hearing aids. Did I mention they have GPS? If you lose one you can find its location. Yet alone the portable charger that charges my hearing aids last for a full easily 48 hours! Let me make this not a long story short! Worth every single penny! And DO NOT be shy or embarrassed of hearing aids if you are so called “self conscious.” Everyone I have shown my hearing aids to said that they didn’t even see them unless I told them! Again, recommend to Everyone!


★★★★★ Kamal Makarem

Very nice and friendly people


At Beltone, it is our mission to help you on your journey to complete hearing health, and we are so pleased so many of our clients express their satisfaction with our service. We value our clients’ feedback, whether it’s positive or constructive. If we ever have a client who has had a less than stellar experience, we do everything in our power to make things right. At Beltone, it is always our priority that our clients are treated with dignity and respect, that their needs are listened to and attended to, and that we do everything possible to improve their hearing health to the greatest degree possible. 

When selecting a hearing care provider, choose a local provider with deep roots in the community and a long history of satisfied clients. At Beltone, we are proud to be a good neighbor in our Central California community. Come in and meet our team of caring, professional hearing care providers. With Beltone, we will be by your side throughout each step of your hearing health journey. The community’s comfort and convenience is our priority. Beltone has six offices to serve the Central California region, Fresno, Hanford, ModestoOakhurst, Sonora, and Visalia. Call us today at (559) 981-8894 to speak with our friendly staff or click here to schedule an appointment for a free hearing test today!