Beltone PRIME™ and PRIME PLUS™

The Beltone Prime one of a kind design uses the natural contours of your ears to achieve maximum sound quality. Its instant fit capability makes better hearing available to you quicker.

The Beltone Prime is instant fit, comfortable, and small.

Affordable Hearing Aids

Easy–wear. Easy–care. The sleek new design of Beltone Prime™ makes them ultra-easy to wear. They’re small, elegant and extremely comfortable. You can literally pop them in and go. No one will know. Performance-wise, Beltone Prime™ can’t be beaten–especially for active people. We coat every component–inside and out–with HPF80 NanoBlock™. This protective shield repels moisture and debris, keeping your hearing devices working like new over time.

Microtechnology for major benefits Natural Ear Directionality – By tucking the microphone in the helix of your ear, the sound is gathered and transmitted as nature intended. Hearing is easy and more natural. This design also diminishes distracting wind noise, which makes hearing outside a breeze.