Digital Hearing Aids

We engineer comfort and ease into every style of hearing aid we make. And, thanks to Beltone’s leading micro-processor technology, our digital hearing aids are feature-rich, yet super small.

If you do have a hearing loss, there is an extensive line of hearing instruments to choose from, designed to fit every lifestyle and hearing loss, including a complete line of digital instruments.

Hearing Aid Styles

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Beltone Introduces New Generation of Bluetooth-compatible Hearing Aids

Beltone Imagine hearing aids, Bluetooth-Compatible

Beltone hearing aids

2020: Beltone Imagine
2018: Beltone Amaze
2017: Beltone Trust
2015: Beltone Legend

Beltone hearing aids enable you to stream audio directly from your smartphone or tablet and to personalise your sound on the go with the Beltone apps.

Beltone technologies

Beltone has stayed at the cutting edge of new hearing aid technologies with its Imagine platform. Imagine, launched in 2020, introduced binaural beamforming directionality, improved ingress protection, and “M&RIE”. And Imagine inherited all of the advancements from the previous Amaze generation, including improvements in miniaturization, streaming audio quality, rechargeability, and remote care:

  • High-bandwidth audio streaming: The extended bandwidth of the chip platform in Imagine hearing aids provides high sound quality when streaming music or phone calls directly from Apple and Android devices, or with 2.4 GHz audio streamed through Beltone wireless accessories.
  • Rechargeable batteries: Beltone touts the long life of the rechargeable lithium-ion batteries in Imagine hearing aids. The company says a single 3-hour charge provides 30 hours of power. Expect no more than 25 hours if you plan to do a lot of Bluetooth streaming.
  • Remote care: Beltone’s two-way, remote care service allows wearers to share feedback about their real-time listening experiences via a smartphone app. And hearing care professionals can provide programming updates, counseling and other services remotely, saving time for both professionals and users.
  • IP68 ingress protection (upgraded in 2020) – Imagine products are classified as “dust resistant” and may be “immersed in 1.5 meters of freshwater for up to 30 minutes”. Amaze was IP58.
  • Beamforming directionality (new in 2020) – Beltone “uses a new binaural connection to create a stronger, more focused beam for sounds in front of the listener. Compared to traditional directionality it provides up to 2 dB better signal-to-noise ratio”
  • “M&RIE” (new in 2020) – M&RIE or “Microphone & Receiver-In-Ear” places a microphone on the speaker unit which rests in the ear. Beltone claims the new tech improves sound localization, wind noise reduction, and sound quality ratings.
  • Miniaturization: In August 2019, Beltone introduced a family of Amaze custom hearing aids that fit within the ear. The family includes the industry’s first completely-in-the-canal (CIC) Made-for-iPhone hearing aid, with the ability to stream music, calls, and more, straight from a phone. Beltone is expected to release custom Imagine products in the future.

In addition to wireless audio streaming from iPhones, Beltone’s Imagine and Amaze hearing aids feature wireless “Made-for-Android” streaming. Beltone’s parent GN Hearing has a technology partnership with Google to enable Bluetooth LE (low energy) streaming from Google’s Pixel 3 and Pixel 4 Android phones. The Amaze uses the new ASHA protocol (Audio Streaming for Hearing Aids) that GN Hearing developed with Google. Other Android phones are expected to adopt the ASHA protocol in the coming months.