Personalized Hearing Health Assessment

Beltone offers an exclusive Personalized Hearing Health Assessment (PHHA) that allows you to decide what is best for your hearing needs. The assessment will help your Beltone hearing care professional make the best recommendation for your lifestyle. He or she will review the results of your PHHA assessment with you. Then, you will complete a hearing screening to determine whether or not you have any hearing loss and if you need to take any further action for your hearing care needs.

Video Ear Scan

A Beltone Hearing Instrument Specialist will inspect the inside of your ear canal with a video otoscope. With this machine, the specialist will be able to check if there is any blockage, such as earwax buildup, that is causing you to have a hearing problem. If wax buildup is the only issue, simply removing the earwax might resolve your problem.

Comprehensive Audiometric Hearing Test

A Beltone Hearing Instrument Specialist will conduct a computerized audiometric test to determine exactly what sounds you are hearing and which ones you are missing. Your hearing will be tested at different sound levels and in environments with different levels of noise. The steps of the hearing evaluation include:

  • Speech Understanding Assessment:
    • This will determine how well you can understand spoken words in environments of different levels of noise.
  • Pure Tone Test:
    • This test measures whether or not your hearing is within normal range. If so, then the comprehensive audiometric hearing test is finished at this point.
  • Bone Conduction Test:
    • If your hearing is not within normal range, this test will discern if you have an inner or middle ear function problem.
  • Ear Anatomy:
    • You will be given a detailed explanation of how your ears work so that you can understand your personal test results.

Live Hearing Aid Demonstrations

The exclusive Beltone AVE ™ system gives you a one-of-a-kind way to “test drive” the hearing aid you want to purchase. The system simulates everyday sounds with surround sound technology to demonstrate the benefits of the latest hearing technology right in one of our offices. You will have the opportunity to experience exactly what life will be like with your new hearing instrument before you even buy it. Beltone AVE ™ also features the Hearing Loss Simulator, which gives your loved ones the opportunity to experience firsthand what it sounds like to have a hearing loss problem, and that in turn helps them better understand your needs.