3 great reasons to choose Beltone 

If you’re having difficulty with your hearing, you need a hearing solution that works for you and your lifestyle. Beltone hearing instruments offer you complete hearing care solutions, with great sound, discreet and customized designs, easy personal wireless control, and our unique Remote Care feature. With some of the most innovative features available on today’s market, Beltone hearing aids will give you a hearing experience with a clearer, fuller sound while allowing you to look your best and feel comfortable. With Beltone, you can choose from a variety of virtually invisible hearing aids that come in an assortment of colors to match skin tone or hair. Would you like to learn more? Here are three great reasons to choose a hearing instrument from Beltone:


  • Great Sound


The complete line of Beltone hearing instruments offer you clear, full sound for a fuller hearing experience. By mimicking how your ear actually hears and processes sounds, Beltone hearing aids help you focus on speech and the sounds that are important to you. Beltone instruments provide unmatched situational awareness, helping you identify where sounds are coming from. With Beltone, you will experience fuller, richer sound and be able to hear the sounds that are important to you more clearly. 


  • Personal Control


All Beltone hearing instruments offer you unmatched personal control. Many Beltone hearing aids offer bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to control your hearing aids easily and discreetly. With the Beltone HearMax app, a user-friendly, free app you have the ultimate personal control. With the HearMax app, you can adjust volume and settings directly from your iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch® or the most popular Android™ phone models. Bluetooth-connected Beltone hearing aids can also be used as true wireless headphones for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, by streaming phone calls, music, and voice directions of a GPS directly to your hearing devices. With the HearMax app’s new, intuitive one-tap main screen, you have discreet personal control. 


  • Remote Care Technology


Beltone hearing instruments offer you extra support with the Beltone Remote Care™ feature. With Beltone’s Remote Care, you are never alone. Using the Beltone HearMax app, you can stay in close communication with your hearing care professional, who can adjust your device without an office visit. The app allows you to easily send a request to your hearing care professional and receive the new settings right to your smartphone. Without an office visit, your hearing care professional can adjust your hearing aids remotely to accommodate your specific needs.

Beltone hearing aids are top-of-the-line hearing instruments, offering you the entire Beltone experience. When you partner with Beltone in your hearing health, you become a part of the Beltone family, and you will always be treated with dignity, listened to with respect, and cared for with compassion. Our hearing care professionals will work closely with you to develop hearing solutions that fit your needs, your budget, and your lifestyle. Our mission is to help you live life to the fullest, and we will be with you every step of the way. Contact your local Beltone office today to learn more about the complete line of Beltone hearing instruments, or to make an appointment for your free personalized hearing health assessment. Contact us today!