Let Beltone Help you Restore your Hearing Health

If you or a loved one are looking for a partner in your hearing health, consider Beltone Hearing Care Centers. A leader in the hearing care industry since 1940, Beltone offers you dependability, value, and a reputation you can trust. At Beltone, we are experts in hearing health. Read on for five great reasons to choose Beltone as your partner in hearing health. 


  • Beltone offers top-of-the-line hearing care products


At Beltone, we have been a leader in hearing aid technology for over 80 years. Beltone products offer you the latest advancements in hearing technology, and all of our products represent the highest quality available in today’s market. Hearing aids are as individual as you are- we will help you find the solution that is best for your lifestyle, budget, and degree of hearing loss. With Beltone, you can choose from any style of hearing aid you wish; we offer Invisible-in-Canal (IIC), Completely-in-Canal (CIC), Mic-in-Helix (MIH), In-the-Canal (ITC), In-the-Ear (ITE), Receiver-in-Ear (RIE), and Behind-the-Ear (BTE) hearing aid instruments. 


  • Beltone offers repairs and servicing you can trust


All Beltone products come with the BelCare Promise, covering every step of the hearing aid purchase process and ensuring the highest level of long-term patient satisfaction. The BelCare Promise Comprehensive Service Plan includes:

  • Free cleanings and adjustments for the life of the hearing aid
  • Free hearing aid evaluations for the life of the hearing aid
  • Free annual audiometric screenings
  • Free batteries provided for 2 years with Premium Hearing System purchases

Beltone also offers extensive hearing aid repairs and servicing. If your hearing instrument needs to be repaired, our Beltone Factory Repair Lab ensures that it is fixed properly to meet Beltone standards. We offer same-day service by our licensed hearing care practitioners for common repairs, and if your hearing instrument needs major repairs, it will be sent to the Factory Repair Center to be thoroughly tested and fixed. All repairs come with 6-month or 12-month warranties.


  • Complementary hearing health assessments


Beltone offers new clients a complementary comprehensive hearing health assessment, valued at $275. Our exclusive Personalized Hearing Health Assessment (PHHA) measures your degree of hearing loss, and allows you and your hearing care professional to choose the hearing instrument that is right for your specific needs. We offer our clients a comprehensive audiometric hearing test, in which a Beltone hearing instrument specialist conducts a computerized audiometric test to determine exactly what sounds you are hearing and which ones you are missing. We also offer a video ear scan to inspect the inside of your ear canal with a video otoscope. 


  • Skilled and caring hearing health professionals


At Beltone, you will find a team of hearing health professionals who truly care about their clients. Our highly trained, skilled professionals are experts at guiding our clients towards the hearing health solution that is best for them personally. Our hearing specialists will carefully listen to your needs, skillfully evaluate your hearing, and work collaboratively with you to find the hearing solution that best fits your degree of hearing loss, your lifestyle, and your budget. Plus, Beltone will stay by your side throughout your entire journey to restore your hearing health; at Beltone, you can count on us.


  • Beltone offers 6 convenient Central California locations to serve you


We know convenience is important to you, that’s why we offer six easy to access, comfortable offices to serve Central California. No matter where you are in Central California, you will find a Beltone Hearing Center nearby. Beltone Central California has locations in Fresno, Hanford, ModestoOakhurst, Sonora, and Visalia. Visit our website to search by zip code for the location nearest you. 

Ready to give Beltone a try? Come in and see us! At Beltone, we will offer you the best in hearing care. Schedule an appointment for your FREE hearing health assessment today, and discover the Beltone difference for yourself. At Beltone, we would love the opportunity to help you restore your hearing health. Don’t wait any longer, call Beltone today!